Delta Airlines, Memphis International Airport, TN, Fuel Farm Renovation and Upgrades

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KEAR provided prime general contractor construction services on the Memphis International Airport Fuel Farm Renovation & Upgrade project. The project involved upgrading the existing facility through phased construction, while maintaining uninterrupted, ongoing fueling operations. KEAR upgraded the existing 5,000 barrel tank #3, along with all mechanical and electrical modifications necessary to connect tank 3 to the operating system. Along with the actual tank work, secondary containment upgrades for the tank storage area were also installed. The entire tank farm piping system was upgraded to allow for periodic integrity testing of the below-grade piping including new valves and piping systems. Spill containment upgrades were completed to both the truck loading and off-loading areas as well as the hydrant pump and hydrant cart prover areas. The water removal systems (tanks and filter/separators) were upgraded to recover clean fuel back into the system, along with a new petroleum contact water treatment system and existing tank drainage system retrofit. The project also features various site upgrades.
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