Deming, NM, Fuel Farm

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Project Details

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Delivery Method Design-Build

This project was a complete turn-key design-build above-ground fueling facility upgrade project with KEAR as the Design-Builder. Due to the State of New Mexico Environmental Department (NMED) ‘s increased regulatory compliance requirements, the City of Deming required upgrades to an aging existing bulk fuel storage facility that feeds both the airport and their municipal ground vehicles. The construction phase included 4 ea- 10,000-gallon tanks (AVGAS, Jet-A, Diesel, Gasoline). The grades were adjusted inside the berms to allow for proper drainage, and KEAR installed a new FML containment liner system, new concrete tank pads new piping, electrical systems, a new concrete truckload/offload containment area and a new storm-water drainage system. The result was a complete turn-key facility that was accepted as compliant by NMED and the City of Deming.
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